"So good, you'll wonder if it's really vegan!"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where Can I Purchase Your products?

We officially launched in July 2018, and are currently shipping directly to our customers through Amazon.com. Chances are, we're heading to a vegan festival near you, and be on the lookout for our products at your local health food store in the coming months of fall.

Do your pancake and waffle mixes contain any allergens?

Our current line-up of mixes all contain wheat, but they're also dairy-, egg- and soy-free!

Are you sure I should just add water?

We're positive! We've designed our products to be busy-mom- and tired-working-professional-friendly. That means easy and delicious. Some of our customers have tried adding a plant-based milk, and love that alternative, too!

How can I reach you if I have questions or comments?

We would love to hear from you! A contact form and our e-mail, mailing and phone details can be found here for your convenience.