These are absolutely amazing and I give these 6 stars, not 5! I really wish there was more in the bag though because then I could afford to buy it more often! These knock other Mixes out of the park to include those for meat eaters. I find myself making these as a sweet treat for myself with organic vegan maple syrup instead of grabbing other sweets. A must buy for anyone!

S.A., Customer

This is a really good pancake mix by any standard. The pancakes come out nice and fluffy and don’t stick to the griddle. Also they turn golden brown on the outside. I use vanilla almond milk in mine so they have a very pronounced vanilla flavor. The directions just call for water and that’s probably fine unless you’re really into vanilla. The only bad thing I can say about the mix is that I’m almost out and need to buy a new bag.

R. Jones, Customer

Wow! I can’t even begin to describe how delicious these vegan pancakes were! I made them as waffles and they were delicious!! They were fluffy too. Something that can lack in many vegan mixes. I always make pancakes from scratch but now I can save time! Just add water and cook easy, good and fluffy! I will definitely continue to purchase this product. It over passed my expectations! Yum!!!

Anna M., Customer

I love this mix. It is easy to make and it taste delicious. My husband and children are not vegans, but they love this mix. This is the only vegan food that they ask me to make.

Mona L., Customer

Very good and extremely easy. How fun to have a pancake! Haven’t had one in years (since going vegan). I tossed in some blueberries. Such a treat.

L.A., Customer

These are absolutely delicious. I learned about these from a lady named Tabitha who does vegan videos and test the products. I don’t know what their secret is. These aren’t heavy like most pancakes .. They are just delicious. I just have nothing at all to say lol,except that they are delicious. My new favorite comfort food.

Visions S., Customer

So delicious! I added blueberries and it was heaven. I seriously felt like I was treating myself. It’s hard to find a good vegan pancake batter. They’re fluffy, great tasting, and one pancake filled me. All I can say is yes, yes, and hell yes. Vegan pancakes make me happy.

Tracey, Customer

I’ve gone through two bags of this stuff already. They’re so good and easy to make! Fooled my non-vegan dad, he thought they were normal! HA!

Tony C., Customer


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