Delicious Breakfast, Courtesy of Yours Truly

Original Complete Pancake // Waffle Mix

Fluffy, Delicious, No-Hassle

Original Pancakes & Waffles

Product Details

Chocolate Complete Pancake // Waffle Mix

 Chocolaty, Satisfying, No-Hassle

Chocolate Pancakes & Waffles

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It's Really Vegan No-Gluten Pancake & Waffle Mix

No Gluten, Yummy, No-Hassle

Pancakes & Waffles Made with No Gluten-Containing Ingredients

Purpose and Commitment

The point of us is to bring folks like you high-quality, yummy, health-respectful vegan alternatives. We only sell foods that we have first fed to our own young children. This is our standard of integrity to you.

We are also committed to stewarding our Earth. Our kraft paper packaging, with thin plastic inner lining for moisture protection, is just  a first step in that direction. An eco-friendly approach to our manufacturing process and choices of packaging is important now and will become even more important as our company grows.

Finally, we believe that good food should be the foundation of good health, and ultimately a pillar of the good life. We wish a good life to you!

Thank you for trusting us with this opportunity to feed you and yours.



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