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“So good, you’ll wonder if It’s Really Vegan!”

How can I reach you if I have questions or comments?2021-07-14T02:56:04-04:00

We would love to hear from you! A contact form and our e-mail, mailing and phone details can be found here for your convenience.

Are you sure I should just add water?2021-07-14T02:55:16-04:00

We’re positive! We’ve designed our products to be busy-mom- and tired-working-professional-friendly. That means easy and delicious. Some of our customers have tried adding a plant-based milk, and love that alternative, too!

Do your pancake and waffle mixes contain any allergens?2021-07-14T02:54:27-04:00

Our current line-up of mixes all contain wheat, but they’re also dairy-, egg- and soy-free!

Do you have any gluten-free options?2021-07-14T02:51:59-04:00

We’re thrilled that our No Gluten Original Pancake & Waffle Mix will soon be available here on our website!

Where can I purchase It’s Really Vegan products?2021-07-14T02:50:29-04:00

We are currently shipping all products direct-to-consumer through out website and through Chances are, we’re heading to a vegan festival near you soon.


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