Object Lessons: Resting in Grace

When I see the above photo, I’m encouraged by the thought that grace awaits me.

Yes, grace.

Divine grace, as delivered through advantageous opportunities, day-to-day strength, unmerited blessings, the kindness and sacrifice of friends and strangers.

The day this photo was taken, we were doing a product photo shoot. A friend, Natalie, who happens to be a raw vegan chef, came to help (that’s her hand in the photo 🙂 ). She ended up adding so much creative direction to the shots, and pitched right in without a murmur or mis-step. At certain points, I stepped back and let her do her thing, confident in her eye and abilities. It felt good to do that. It felt good to release an important task to someone who was fully competent and willing. It felt good to rest.

The experience behind this photo is one repeated in our family life, vegan eats lifestyle and even business life to a degree, over and over. Resting in Divine grace is our chosen mode of being. It means we work hard, but never pridefully reject blessings that we have not worked for. It means we expect that our limits are for our benefit. It means that we are never overcome with anxiety, or paralyzed by comparison.


We choose to understand that “His grace is sufficient,” and “His strength is made perfect in weakness.”

God is love and the Giver of good and perfect gifts. 

Because the good and perfect we seek is Divine, and we are the created, we will continue to rest in the grace that flows to us from God.


Are you anxious and striving in your vegan journey? Down on yourself because you slipped up or haven’t been consistent?

What are your barriers to rest? And how can you choose to surrender them today?

2 thoughts on “Object Lessons: Resting in Grace

  1. These are the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted either vegan or non-vegan. I add water to the mix as directed and I use a little coconut oil in the pan. Other times, I have tried coconut almond milk instead of water. Occasionally, I add a dash of fresh ground cinnamon just to switch up the flavor but these pancakes are crazy yummy without cinnamon or anything else added!!!! Consistently, the pancakes turn out light, fluffy and delicious. I just ordered two more packages of mix. Thank you guys for this delightful product. You guys are truly, “resting in divine grace.”

    1. Crystal, thank you so much for sharing! It’s fulsome reviews like this one that are especially affirming! Thank you for purchasing and enjoying what we create.



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