The Vegan Eats Lifestyle

We love vegan eats. Our personal transitions to vegan eating happened nearly a decade ago, when we were in college.

Along the journey since then, we’ve learned so much. About cooking. About superfoods. About eating-out-while-vegan. About healthy vegan pregnancies and raising vegan kids! We’ve learned, perhaps most exciting of all, that vegan food should be more than just barely palatable because it’s (supposedly) healthy! It can and should be delicious and uncompromisingly healthy–at the same time!

Is there any other way to live, really?

An Idea Is Born

The beliefs we have that are the foundation of It’s Really Vegan have been years in the making.

All of our experiences learning to cook vegan, scouring cities for the best vegan dining and sharing our recipes with friends, have convinced us that, although plant-based foods have become more and more mainstream, there’s still a need for options that are simple and attainable for the average home chef, but delicious and not lacking in flavorful goodness.

Purpose and Commitment