Some days, I feel in my bones that I must be all things to all people. Going, going, going. But the needs keep coming and I can’t come off edge. When, at the end of the day, I come up short (because, my humanity)–shorthanded, shortchanged, short-tempered–I feel the inadequacy pour over me.

This is a real thing. Some of the thoughts I entertain during times of overwhelm can go something like this:

I’m not doing enough for our children (after all, they deserve the best opportunities).

I’m not doing enough for my husband (after all, he’s hardworking, self-sacrificing, doesn’t ask for much).

I’m not doing enough for It’s Really Vegan (after all, we’re a new company with potential that demands the response of hard work).

Can you relate?

So, how do I approach these negative thought patterns and how am I growing out of them?

♥ By consciously and consistently reorienting my thoughts to some truths. (And asking for help to carry the load.) ♥

These are the truths. My Notes on Simplicity:


The simple life and people-pleasing aren’t compatible. If I choose to make decisions about anything (absolutely anything) based primarily on getting other human beings to think well of me, validate me, compliment me–approve of me–I’m forfeiting the opportunity to experience the abiding peace that comes from Divine alignment. People aren’t God. I won’t make them.


Simplicity means I lay down the false preface that I should be capable of doing everything, and that I cannot make mistakes. My limitations, when I embrace them, help reveal my true calling and make the path to true happiness that much clearer.


Simplicity means I choose not to compare anything about myself to anything about anyone else. I am special. Through Divine wisdom, the makings of me are enough for my calling, including my calling to love and be loved.


Simplicity and beauty are two sides of the same coin. Choosing the simple life means I make room for beauty to shine forth.